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We are service-oriented and committed business advisors and accounting consultants

98 out of 100 companies in Sweden are small businesses. We believe in the power of Sweden’s small businesses! When the country’s entrepreneurs feel good and are confident in running and developing their businesses, it produces positive effects for both individuals, companies and society. We are passionate about the country’s small business owners gaining insight, knowledge and tools to create greater security in running their business. We have extensive experience in managing finances for companies in various industries. By keeping up-to-date on the laws and regulations that apply to small businesses, we help you with your business. 

Accounting – Financial statements – Declarations

When you become our customer, a cooperation agreement will be drawn up. The agreement describes the scope of the assignment, conditions and fee.

In accordance with the GDPR, a personal data processing agreement is also drawn up, as we will handle personal data.

Approval of agreements takes place for both parties with swedish Bank ID.

In connection with the establishment of agreements, KYC (Know Your Customer) will also be carried out, similar to what all banks do. It is a requirement according to the law (2017:630) on measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. All accounting firms are required to do so. County Administrative Board is the control body for compliance with the law.

How we work

The accounting must be correct based on laws, regulations, practices and recommendations. It must also be adapted to the company. We offer you complete services. 

Digital accounting.
Regardless of how your accounting is today, we help you make it digital and efficient with smart solutions.
Together we find the smoothest way to work. Today, there are many systems and apps that make it easier to find relevant information quickly.
Paperless accounting is also more environmentally friendly.

Permissions to system
In order for the ongoing accounting to work as well and efficiently as possible, we want access to your tax account, so we can submit all declarations, as well as to your bank account (not being able to make payments without your approval) so that we can provide the financial system with the bank account’s information. Often there are additional systems that can be connected to the financial system or it can be good to have authorization for.

Customer invoicing
Most often, invoicing is handled by you directly in the financial system. It can also take place in an industry-specific system. These systems can usually be linked together, which means that they are updated in real time, while eliminating the risk of errors and reducing handling costs.

Supplier invoices
Posting of supplier invoices can be done in different ways:
– You make payments yourself manually.
– You make the payments yourself via file from us/the financial system.
– The payments are sent by us via file/bank integration from the financial system.
You certify/approve invoices/payments.
Suppliers can advantageously send invoices directly into the system. There is also the option of sending them in via e-mail or by taking a photo of them in the app. It is important that they enter the system as soon as possible.

I have received a lot of support and help with digitizing my accounts. Going from having everything on paper to a digitized flow has facilitated, improved and made my accounting more efficient.

Thi Nguyen

Restaurant owner

A modern accounting firm with personal service

We have modern software and professional services to carry out your accounting and financial management efficiently with high quality at a competitive fixed price so you have time for other things.

We take care of the accounting for you so that you can feel secure in your business!


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Fixed prices


Advicing & Quality


Service & Cooperation


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With us you get a dedicated contact person and service

You always get a dedicated accounting consultant who helps you with your finances and your business. With the customer relationship in focus, we get involved in your company to be able to provide you with the service you need. A dedicated accounting consultant who is knowledgeable and knows your entire business can answer questions and give you the best advice. We customize our services for you and are available when you need us. It is important that you as a customer feel secure that you are getting the service and expertise you need to be able to run your business in the best way.
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